New Students – After Arriving at UBC


Office space and Keys – please complete the office request form and submit to the Mech office. Due to limited space are available in the department, M.Eng students are not normally assigned to an office.

Keys can be issued for the areas in which you are authorized to work, upon completion of a Key Request Form available at the Mech Reception desk.


Any postal mail deliver the office will be put in the alphabetical boxes located outside the main office. Messages for you may also left there so please check your box at least once a week. Cheques and registered mail will be held at the reception and a student name will be posted on the chalk board across from the mail box. Please DO NOT have personal mail sent to the department.


The department has a policy that all students must have accident insurance. In fact, we do not allow anyone to use the workshop without insurance. However, even if you never use the workshop, you must have insurance to cover you in case of an accident while working in a research lab or some similar activity.

Student Accident Insurance is an additional insurance that provides additional medical coverage for UBC students and post-doctoral fellows performing course work related activities in environments where the risk of injury is greater than in a classroom, e.g., laboratories, clinical practice, field work. It provides a $50,000 maximum benefit for death or dismemberment and a $5,000 excess medical coverage, e.g., ambulance, prescription drugs.

Students must have the BC Medical Plan or its equivalent from another province in place (basic medical care) in order to be eligible for the Student Accident Insurance.

The cost to enroll in the Student Accident Insurance program is $7 per student per year, and can be paid at the reception in the main office.


Require assisting in undergraduate laboratories, tutorials, and marking. These may be held in conjunction with other assistantships or scholarships. Assignments are based on 4 hours of work per week and remuneration is approximately $1,500 per term.

See details on VISTA.


Persons needing machine shop access are required to have completed the department’s shop orientation. Access to the machine shop is granted for 3 years after attending the orientation and completing the exam.

For more detailed information on the machine shop, please consult the Mech Workshops- Mech Workshops: Safety and Support Vista site or contact Markus Fengler (Ph: 1-604-827-5655 Office: KAISER 1190C).

All students should enroll themselves in the online workshop safety and support course on VISTA. This can be done here (you will need a CWL):